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"She loved life, and life loved her right back."
2013, you've done me well.
Just in love with love.

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Candy Hearts played in Edinboro PA back in February, took some pictures. Hope you all enjoy

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not being able to sing both ron and draco’s parts in granger danger at the same time is the most tragic fact of my existence 

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do you ever forget you need to pee and then like half an hour later remember you’re really desperate or is that just me

you’re so lazy that you procrastinate peeing

I was going to argue but yeah you’re right

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Such a cool photo from the other day

The #reuniontour resumes at The Masquerade in Atlanta today! See you there. We play EARLY

Mail today!! Stoked on this! #candyhearts #candyheartsband #poppunk

Candy Hearts on Flickr.
Nashville, TN.


There needs to be more bands like Candy Hearts fo’ realz

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darkbluec0nstellations asked: What was your favorite part of the Reunion Tour?



I think my favorite part of the Reunion Tour, outside of playing awesome shows with some of my best friends because that’s a given, was realizing that I COULD do the things I was afraid to do and they wouldn’t shatter me. I could stay up all night, I could drive the biggest vehicle I’ve ever driven, I could sleep for less than 4 hours and still survive, I could travel across bridges and mountains that I wasn’t sure I’d ever make it across - all things I was so afraid to do before and things that I would let ruin me on previous tours. 

I think perhaps one of the most rewarding things, and a great realization for me, was when I was driving with my friend and it was sunrise and I was begging him to pull over so we could sleep because I was so afraid that staying awake would ruin the day for me. On tour I am so careful about my voice and my mood and all of the tiny things that can affect a performance. All of our friends were slowly waking up and he just turned to me and said something along the lines of “you are alive, you are fine, and you can sleep later. You get to be here with your friends watching the sun rise over the desert, now, and not later” - a desert I had only imagined when I was little. It kind of really sunk in how I can let anxiety ruin things that are so beautiful and rare. How I can miss out on life because I just see a goal at the end of the road. I see a show, a tour, an album, a job I have to finish but not all the stuff in between which is really what makes you what you are. 

at the end of the day you can write a list of all the things you’ve accomplished but the things that really stick with you aren’t the release of day of your record, but how much it took for that day to come.

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This is amazing!

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